Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

On Wednesday, we visited the pumpkin patch that a local (well, local to my mom) church puts on as a fundraiser.  I dressed the boys up in their orange gingham overalls with smocked pumpkins.  Now, baby clothing sizes are so weird.  Right now, the boys are wearing 12 months if I want something to fit perfectly (although some 12 month things are big on James) or 18 months if I want something to be slightly big (bigger on James, since he weighs three pounds less than Bobby).  I ordered these back in the summer, so having no idea how big the boys would be, but knowing they tend to run pretty true to size, I ordered two of the 12-month size.  These particular 12-month sizes are huge, though!  I can't help wondering if they've been mislabeled and are actually size 18 month, because I've never had this brand run so big.  But all this goes to explain why Jamesie's pants are rolled up and why the tops seem so big, even on Bobby.  My sister got them pumpkin-top headbands, so they're wearing (or chewing on) those in a few shots.  The ladies working there were so nice; they were very helpful in getting smiles out of Bobby!  The boys had had their 12-month shots the day before (12-month update later), and I think he was still feeling crummy.

Meanwhile, James seems to be going through some sort of phase.  Mom thinks he's discovering that he's capable of doing way more than he realized.  I don't know about that, but he's definitely doing something - he seems sometimes to have hit the terrible twos at one.  Sometimes he just screams and screams unless he's being held.  This would be hard enough with one baby and is really not feasible for one adult with twins.  So sometimes he just has to scream.  This is fun, let me tell you.  And after a couple of nights of going to bed at a reasonable hour, he's back to going to bed late - 11:15 the last two nights.  Although, he did sleep through the night until a little after 9 this morning, so that was pretty fabulous, even if he did get a late start.

One last thing - I voted early today.  It took me maybe ten minutes, start to finish!  Of course, part of this is that I live in the boonies, but it was still much, much better than voting on election day, I would guess.  And the beauty of voting early is that, if you do happen to go somewhere with a long line, you can leave and choose a better time or place - it's not like election day, when you don't have that option.  So get out there and vote!

Ride that pumpkin, Jamesie!

Bobby is unsure about the headband.

Bobby is more interested in eating grass and sticks than in the pumpkins.

Check out the size of one of our pumpkins!

Bobby samples a pumpkin stem

Jamesie loves the pumpkin patch!

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