Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bobby's OT

Bobby has been scheduled for his OT (occupational therapy) evaluation on Friday.  This will evaluate his sensitivity issues, hopefully making it easier for him to wear his bipap machine and get help with his apnea.  Right now, he's ok playing with the machine, but any attempts to strap the mask to his head terrify him.  Of course, we tried it with James, and he doesn't care at all about having things on his head - figures!  After the evaluation appointment, we will learn exercises we can do at home, as well as make a series of appointments for him to come in and get checked out.  This may take anywhere from days to weeks to months... I'm hoping for something on the shorter side!  And now it's time for a morning bath for the boys - gotta go!

James does a little computing - which somehow involves being halfway under our bed!

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