Friday, November 2, 2012

Various and Sundry

I'm feeling very tired.  Tired and stressed.  Part of it is the monster sinus infection I have.  I had one when we got back from Seaside (that was great fun, by the way, having a sinus headache that left me in tears in the middle of the night in rural Florida.  Peter had to go to a gas station because that was all that was open and get me tiny packets of Advil and Mucinex, which I took double doses of so that I could at least sleep.  Good times.), and my doctor gave me a z-pack.  Long story short, that didn't work, so I went to see my ENT at the beginning of this week (although it feels like a lot longer ago).  He put me on a monster antibiotic (my mom informed me she didn't know it came in that strength) and steroids, and informed me that if this doesn't fix it, I have to have surgery.  Great.  That's what I like to hear.  So I feel tired and rundown, and I feel like everything that can go wrong in some way likes to at least try to go wrong, even if I rein it back in before it goes too terribly wrong....  Does that make sense?  But then I think that I could be living in the northeast and enduring the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, with no power and two toddlers, so things could be much, much worse, and I'm grateful.  Right now I just feel like things are a little hard, and I would like a little bit of a break, thank you.  But I don't think moms really get to take a break.

On the upside, my parents have a new dog.  This pug turned up at their place out in the country several months ago, and my dad kept thinking that he would continue on his merry way, but he never did.  Mom finally convinced Daddy that he needed to bring the dog in, since he clearly wasn't going anywhere.  This dog clearly belonged to someone - he is clean, healthy, and sits on command, but they haven't been able to find his owner.  Mom thinks maybe somebody couldn't take care of him anymore and dropped him by the side of the road, and he made his way to their property.  Daddy's been calling him PD (for Porch Dog, because he liked to hang out on the porch), but we have to rename him.  PD sounds like Petey, and then everyone gets confused as to whether we're talking about the dog or my husband.  Slight difference.  I proposed Jeeves.  He's a cutie pie, don't you think?

He likes to lie in "super doggy" position.  Apologies for the weird glare at the edge.  And my foot at the bottom.  Cell phone pics are clearly my strength.

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