Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happy 9 Months, Boys!

Wow, I am not publishing posts at a remotely reasonable rate....  I tend to write them in my head when I'm doing things like giving the boys their nighttime bottles or sitting in traffic, and then somehow I feel like they'll magically end up on the blog.  Here's a hint: they don't.  My personal goal is to make more blog entries so they aren't all so ridiculously long, and so they're a little more timely!  The boys' 9 month "birthday" was last Saturday, and their 9 month check-up was last Thursday!  So here are their vital statistics:

  • is 29 inches tall (77th percentile)
  • is 19 pounds 2 ounces (28th percentile, although I think of him as being such a porker!)
  • has a head circumference of 18.5 inches (91st percentile - there's my big-headed boy!)
  • is crawling like a champ - actually, he does a sort of scoot/crawl thing, with two hands, one knee, and one foot.
  • loves to pull up on anything and anyone
  • still has no teeth
  • will take a few steps while holding on to someone's hands, but loves to bounce while doing so!
  • is drooling like crazy
  • still loves to suck on his soothie (blue, of course, as always), but also loves to chew on it
  • is something of a toy thief!
  • loves to bounce - in his bouncer, with someone holding him under the arms, any way he can!
  • likes looking at his reflection - either in the tiny mirror in his activity center or staring at the glass of the fireplace

  • is 27 inches tall (13th percentile - what a difference 2 inches makes at 9 months)
  • is 16 pounds 11 ounces (4th percentile)
  • has a head circumference of 17.99 inches (64th percentile)
  • is scooting around some (he can definitely get where he wants to go), but he would really like to skip directly to walking
  • keeps trying to stand up all by himself, without holding onto/pulling up on anything
  • pulls up like a champ
  • will take steps holding on to someone's hands, often on his tip toes
  • has two teeth, which we've affectionately named Chomper and Muncher
  • is pretty much done with his soothie - will very occasionally take one in the middle of the night.  Of course, if Bobby's is available for stealing and chewing on, that's a different story!
  • loves to be flipped upside down or thrown up in the air
  • is not sleeping through the night anymore, I think because of his teething

Nine month photos will have to go up tomorrow; poor Jamesie is so exhausted he's passed out in his bed, so no pictures today!  On another note, I'm hoping to feel better soon; I finally figured out that maybe my intense face pain, ear pain, and exhaustion might be a sinus infection.  Duh.  Not sure why that took so long to figure out on my part.  But I have an antibiotic now, so hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.

Back when we had the follow-up appointment with the pulmonologist/sleep doctor, she wanted us to see a neurologist about the central sleep apnea but warned us it would take forever and probably wouldn't happen until October (this was in June).  We were pleasantly surprised when we got an appointment at the end of August.  I never mentioned it to our pediatrician because his office is affiliated with Texas Children's Hospital, so I figured he would just refer us to their pediatric neurology department, which would take equally as long.  But I happened to mention it at their 9 month appointment, and I wish I'd asked earlier!  He gave me the name of a woman who was a year or two behind him in medical school and is in private practice, so he figured it would take less time to get an appointment.  When I called later that day, we got an appointment in two weeks!  Not only did we get in quickly, her office is called something like Pediatric Neurology and Sleep Clinic.  Exactly what we want!  So that appointment is next week.  I'll keep y'all posted on how it goes!

Not a lot in the way of pictures today.....  I need to get copies of what my mom took yesterday.

James and Bobby in their pop-up pool - I apologize for the sunny glare!

 James working on standing up all by himself

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