Friday, July 13, 2012

ENT Visit

We had Bobby's visit to the ENT about his obstructive sleep apnea today.  They checked him out very thoroughly - poor little guy hated it!  The doctor said that only about a third of his episodes are obstructive apnea; two thirds are central apnea, so he is not as concerned about the obstructive numbers as the central numbers.  He said they don't do surgery on babies under age 2 or 3 unless there is something very clearly amiss, which is not the case with Bobby.  His adenoids are small, and his tonsils are average-sized.  The doctor said to come back to see him if we notice any major snoring episodes (he only occasionally snores now) or we hear major obstructive episodes (you can usually hear obstructive episodes, as opposed to central episodes), but otherwise, he felt that from his point of view, Bobby was safe.  That's one more thing checked off the list.  The neurologist appointment is next month (it takes absolutely forever to get a pediatric neurology appointment - we were fortunate to get one two months from when I made the appointment), and they will probably do an MRI, among other things.  I hate that my baby has to go through all this (not to mention endure the apnea itself), but I know we are so fortunate that he doesn't have any more serious illness like cystic fibrosis, an absorption disorder, or any of the myriad other things that can go wrong with a baby.  Things could be better, but they could also be much worse, and I'm very grateful that we have two generally healthy boys and live in a city with a fabulous medical community that can help us with what issues we do have.

On the (more entertaining, I'm sure) development front, both boys can sit up by themselves from lying down, by rolling onto their tummies and pushing up (Bobby did it first, last Saturday.  James did it for the first time Tuesday.  I totally would have thought James would do it first, given the size of Bobby's head!).  Jamesie (Mr. Abs of Steel) can sit up from lying flat on his back by just sitting straight up like he's doing a sit-up, no assistance from hands or legs.  It makes diaper changes interesting!  James loves honeydew melon (he likes to eat it with his honey mama, as my mom is the only family member who likes it), was ok with pineapple, and likes turkey.  Bobby tried honeydew and thought it was foul (he made the most awful face, but he's so polite he won't spit anything out, so he made himself swallow it, and then sneezed!), and he wasn't such a fan of the bite of ham my sister gave him.  Both boys adore Blue Bell coffee ice cream - their momma's favorite!  They both pull up from sitting on whatever is around - usually the legs of whoever is playing with them.  Bobby had a big boy cup that he was drinking out of yesterday - of course, this mostly entailed dumping ice on himself, but he thought it was hugely entertaining.  When they weighed Bobby at the ENT today, he was 19 pounds, 12 ounces - I can't believe it!  Such a big boy!  Neither boy wanted to go to sleep last night; they finally went down between 10 and 10:45 - not good for me when I was going to have to get up earlier than usual to get me and Bobby out the door by 7 am!  Bobby had several episodes last night and came down with me by about 12, but James was a trouper and slept through the night - Peter said he didn't get up until 8.  Way to go, Jamesie!  On another note, the elevator at the doctor terrified Bobby.  The office is on the 27th floor, and the elevator was one of those that goes pretty fast and then, when you stop, you feel like your stomach is still going and your ears pop.  It really scared the poor guy - made him shake and burst into tears, on top of everything else!

James passed out with his Grampus - my two curly-haired boys!

Bobby attempting to drink out of a big boy cup in Grampus's lap - both boys sure do love their Grampus!

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