Monday, September 10, 2012

Updates of Various Sorts

I see that apparently the last time I posted was August 17....  Way too long ago!  Things have gotten a little crazy around here (so what else is new) - we bought a new bed for our room (king size, finally!), so this spurred me to paint the room before it was delivered.  Between painting, and trying to organize rooms that I've been meaning to work on since we moved in, I haven't had much time for blogging.  I've said it before, but I'm really going to try to post more often!

We met with Bobby's neurologist today and got the results of his bloodwork back.  His genetic tests were normal, and there was only one metabolic level that was a little high.  She said that it was likely because of diet, so we will repeat it this week first thing in the morning, before he eats.  She said there's no way he has whatever issue this is the metabolic marker for - apparently it causes frequent seizures and makes you eat around the clock.  Definitely not Bobby!  After getting those results back, we can check all our ENT and neurologist testing off the list and are left with unexplained central sleep apnea.  This is good, in that it means he may outgrow it (he wouldn't have outgrown a genetic issue, for example), but bad in that there is nothing specific to treat.  Dr. Jones (the neurologist) now wants us to go back to meet with Bobby's pulmonologist/sleep doctor, Dr. Jon, because she didn't feel comfortable making treatment decisions without Dr. Jon's input.  Unfortunately, our appointment with Dr. Jon isn't until November 26.  I'm trying to get it moved up, and if we can't, I'm considering switching him to a sleep specialist in Dr. Jones's practice whom we could see earlier.  We'll see.

Both boys are continuing to be super-duper mobile; James is working very hard on walking.  I think at this point, it's more of a confidence issue than anything else.  He'll take many, many steps holding on to an adult's hands, not putting any weight on the hands, so I think he's almost there.  Bobby isn't working as hard on walking; he seems much more content with crawling/scooting around, although he is doing more cruising around on furniture.  The house is finally completely baby-proofed, so they are just wandering around, and they're very happy with their freedom! James is working on his fifth tooth - three on top and two on the bottom!  Bobby still has just the one tooth poking out.  Bobby started saying "mama" yesterday directed specifically at me, although so far, he's only done it when he's upset!  

James says hi from the big cart at Central Market!

Bobby models a headdress at Ikea

The carts at Costco are perfect for twins - although James is not so sure!
James works on climbing the stairs, spotted by Peter

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  1. Um, way to not tell your sister these things before sharing them with the entire internet. Meanie Mama. :P