Thursday, August 2, 2012

Nine Month Photos - Finally!

Finally time for the nine month photos!  We took them a few days ago, but then life intervened....  During the night last Sunday, Bobby woke up and he felt like he was on fire.  Turned out he had a temp of 103 - highest the poor guy has ever had.  He was diagnosed with an ear infection and a nasty virus that's going around that gives you about five days of fever.  Over the week, his highest temperature has been 104.2 - poor little one.  This afternoon, though, his temperature has been only 100 and he is much happier.  He's taken two long naps today (very unusual for him), so I'm hoping that was his body getting through the worst of it and sending him on an upward swing!  Fingers crossed!  And now for the photos - Bobby is on the left and James is on the right (taken a week after their actual nine month birthday, but close enough!)....

A little unsure about this, mom! 

Look at those curls on Jamesie!

They're a little sleepy!

Enough of this, mom!

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